1. "Brian May with his guitar, in a red jacket" - requested by — believe it or not — my two and a half year old nephew (through his mum, @alltheadorables

    Aww just look at his little face. I’ve been told I already have a “style” with my drawing. I think my friend might be right!


  2. “A pea who has just realised it’s lost” - requested by @hannahbungard

    Not to be confused with Davis, who I drew last week :)


  3. "Koala wearing a top hat" - requested by @katskii

    I like this little guy :)


  4. "A hedgehog" - requested by Amy

    If you’re american - that’s what a crosswalk signal looks like in the UK. He’s waiting to cross the road. It’s a joke, see.


  5. "a homeless shelter for pink snow men." - requested by @gillysmithh

    Dead quick one, this. Couldn’t think of anything funny to do with it!


  6. A giant game boy eating a car - requested by @martynpie

    I had fun drawing this - I think I’m definitely better at drawing things than I am people!


  7. Abraham Lincoln and Boris Johnson playing darts down the working mans’ club - requested by @colonel_sponsz

    Not off to a great start, but you get idea. I google image searched Lincoln, and didn’t see one pic of him wearing that hat. Was it even him that wore it? Am I thinking of some other President? God I don’t know what I’m doing.


  8. (Possibly) world’s first fan-art of Davis (by Anthony Clark of Nedroid Comics fame).